Arab League: Israel’s indiscriminate use of force is ‘horrendous act of vengeance’

9 : The Arab League on Friday accused Israel of resorting to the “brutal” use of military force to punish civilians in Gaza, describing such acts as a “horrendous act of vengeance.”

“What Israel is doing is a horrendous vengeful act that [relies] on the brutal use of military force to punish helpless residents and civilians in Gaza through random targeting,” the Arab League said in a letter addressed to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The league also called on the UN to use its “political and moral clout” to prevent a “new war crime that Israel is planning to commit as part of its shameful bloody campaign against Gaza” by asking residents to relocate to the south immediately.

“This new crime is a flagrant violation of Article 49 of the IV Geneva Convention,” the league said.

“The forced transfer of Gaza population will result in the endless suffering of our Palestinian brothers [and sisters],” it added.

Israel launched an operation on the Gaza Strip, after the Palestinian group Hamas stormed its southern border over the weekend and killed more than 1,200 people.

Israel has since been pounding Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, where 1,537 people have been killed.

Earlier on Friday, the World Health Organization said local health authorities in Gaza had informed it that it was impossible to evacuate vulnerable hospital patients from northern Gaza after Israel called for civilians to relocate south within 24 hours.

Source : Al Arabiya | Weblink :

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