Israeli Communications Minister Seeks Shutdown of Al Jazeera’s Offices in Israel

21 : Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi instructed the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council to revoke the broadcasting license of the TV news station Al Jazeera’s bureau in Israel, close its office operations, confiscate its equipment and stop broadcasting from there.

Karhi in his statement said Al Jazeera TV broadcasts endangered his country’s security. According to Karhi, Al Jazeera TV endangered the security of Israeli troops by videoing their positions and becoming a mouthpiece for the Palestinian militant group, Hamas.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Cabinet is considering the order. Karhi himself urged the cabinet to approve the regulation despite the attorney general’s refusal, as reported by Middle East Monitor, Tuesday, October 17 2023.

On Monday, public broadcaster KAN said that Israel’s foreign intelligence service, Mossad, supported a request to close Al Jazeera’s offices, claiming that the channel’s journalists revealed Israeli military and other sensitive locations, as Israeli troops moved into the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, in a statement on October 13, the Qatar-based Al Jazeera Media Network said Israel was responsible for attacks on journalists in South Lebanon.

Al Jazeera confirmed that Israel targeted its network and international media networks in attacks on the Lebanese border, which resulted in the death of one journalist and the wounding of five others, including two of Al Jazeera’s journalists.

Last year an Israeli sniper targeted Al Jazeera journalist Shereen Abu Akleh while she was covering a raid on the Jenin camp in the occupied West Bank that caught the international media spotlight. ***

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