PM Anwar Ibrahim Rejects to Condemn Hamas, Malaysia Standing for the Palestinian People

PM Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim Tolak Kecam Hamas : The head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, received a telephone call from Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim expressing Malaysia’s support and solidarity with the people of Palestine and Gaza in the Al-Aqsa Storm battle against the Israeli Zionist occupation forces.

“His Excellency PM Anwar Ibrahim emphasized that Malaysia refuses to respond to the pressure exerted by the West to encourage them to condemn Hamas,” read a Hamas statement, as reported by Middle East Monitor, Tuesday, October 17 2023.

Anwar Ibrahim prefers to establish contact and take steps with relevant parties in the region and beyond to contribute to stopping attacks on Hamas and the Palestinian people and to allow the entry of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

In his statement, Haniyeh praised Malaysia’s position and its total refusal to respond to US or other pressure to condemn Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups.

“We applaud Malaysia’s efforts to stop the attacks and bring aid to Gaza,” he said.

Haniyeh stressed that the Palestinian people want to regain their rights to freedom and dignity and the establishment of a fully sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital in accordance with international resolutions. ***

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